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Here is one of our best selling recycled plastic picnic tables on display in the magnificent Country Club Plaza of Kansas City, MO. And don’t cry over spilled KC barbecue sauce because this table is easy to clean and won’t stain from spilled food.
-   No Splitting
-   No Rotting
-   Commercial Durability

The town of Laurel Park, North Carolina is our featured customer. The beautiful parks in this town are a common hang-out spot for families with kids and dogs, and every park in Laurel is furnished by Highland Products Group. Everyone here at The Park Catalog appreciates the town of Laurel Park—thanks for your business!

Thermoplastic Coated Picnic Table

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Long gone are the days when shoppers only had concrete picnic tables to choose from. With a variety of commercial picnic tables and frames that can be used in both indoor and outdoor locations, consumers have a wide range of picnic tables to choose from. However, with all the options for picnic tables on the market, choosing the right picnic tables for your home or commercial space can be difficult.

Wooden picnic tables are often most popular since they are durable and attractive. Wooden picnic tables can be used for commercial areas such as public parks, as well as residential properties. There are a number of wood species that can be used for picnic tables, including red cedar, pine, oak and teak. All wooden picnic tables offer their own unique characteristics and grain patterns. Although wooden picnic tables are often more expensive than other types, like PVC picnic tables, they can be sanded down and restored. It’s critical that the wooden picnic tables are treated so that they are resistant to moisture and pests. Wooden picnic tables can add a rustic, traditional touch to any home or park.

Another option is metal picnic tables that are made from strong metal materials such as stainless steel and aluminum. Metal picnic tables are lightweight but sturdy and available in a variety of colors. Some picnic tables can come in portable designs, making them easy to fold up and transport to other locations. Most importantly, metal picnic tables are heavy and won’t tip over, even on the windiest days.

It’s important to choose coated metal picnic tables if the picnic table frames are going to be placed in outdoor areas. Coated metal picnic tables are those that have been powder coated, making them resistant to rust and corrosion. When shopping, look for thermoplastic coated metal picnic tables that are virtually indestructible, can be used for residential or commercial locations and come in a wide range of colors. There may also be choices for attached and detached coated metal picnic tables.

Commercial settings such as parks and schoolyards may need commercial picnic tables. These places are often best served by concrete picnic tables and markable picnic tables. Concrete picnic tables are great commercial picnic tables made from natural stone and precast concrete and usually fixated into the ground. Concrete picnic tables are exceptionally strong and durable, holding up well to frequent use. The low-maintenance properties of concrete picnic tables make them easy to maintain. When looking for commercial picnic tables, concrete will most likely be the best option.

If it’s a residential property that the picnic tables will be situated on, recycled plastic picnic tables or PVC picnic tables are suitable options. Recycled plastic picnic tables are made from eco-friendly plastic and are a comfortable, durable and stylish option when it comes to picnic tables. Choosing PVC picnic tables will offer years of use with little maintenance. A simple wipe down is all PVC picnic tables will require, and the recycled plastic picnic tables will naturally ward off insects and moisture. These recycled plastic picnic tables are available in a variety of colors as well.

It’s also important to choose ADA picnic tables, especially for commercial settings. A set or group of commercial picnic tables should always include ADA picnic tables. ADA picnic tables meet ADA standards, allowing the setting to be conducive to everyone. For children, markable picnic tables are fun to draw on. Both ADA picnic tables and markable picnic tables are high quality commercial picnic tables that can be enjoyed by all.